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          King Techina Born in 1999
          King Techina Group keeps focusing on bio-microencapsulated feed additive R&D, production and marketing. It possesses the patented intelligent microcapsule technology (IM tech), and it has grown into one of the three most professional coating enterprises in the world. In the industry, we are known as the "coating expert" reputation.
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          We have more than 20 years professional coating experiences which obtained the patent of the intelligent microcapsule(IM technology).
          The research and development achievements won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and the patent of coated sodium butyrate won the 19th China Patent Award.
          The patented technology of LipidMate?(Compound Emulsifier) obtained the 21th China Patent Award.
          National high-tech enterprise.
          • 28
            Innovative products incubation centers
          • 5000+
            Cases technical services
          • 56
            market coverage
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          Technical Service
          R&D, customization, detection, coated feed additive products technology customization service is full coverage
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            Products R&D service
          • 康德權
            Technology customization service
          • 康德權
            Detection service